Inmate Telephone Service

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Inmate Telephone Services and Systems – Things You Should Know

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Inmate telephone services and systems are specially used in prisons and inmate centers where criminals are supposed to serve their sentences. These systems let the inmates keep in touch with their families and maintain healthy relationships with them. It is necessary that inmates maintain proper relationship with their family. Else, it will lead to mental disorders due to lack to emotional support.

The primary concern of the jail staff would be security issues. These inmate telephone systems allow the jail staff to access and monitor the call history of all the inmates. This ensures safe communication between inmates and outsiders. Apart from having the features of regular telephone services, this system offers the following additional features:

  • Free calls to legal counsel, crises hotlines and public defenders
  • Live phone call monitoring and recording
  • Call disconnection and emergency remote inmate telephone system shutdown – riot protection
  • Call number blocking
  • Local and international calling
  • Red flag telephone call alerting

Inmate Telephone Service and Systems Guide

Inmate Telephone Service and System Providers

Inmate Cellular Telephone Service and Cell Phone Detection

Inmate Telephone Service Laws and Regulations

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