Combined Public Communications

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Combined Public Communications is a leader provider of inmate telephone services.

Information on Combined Public Communications Inmate Telephone Service and Systems

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CPC, or Combined Public Communications, services include the following:

  • Increased call completion
  • Collect calling
  • Inmate Calling Solutions
  • Internet based telephone systems for inmates
  • Collect call processing
  • Prepaid calling cards
    • Available from vending machines and commissaries of participating correctional facilities
    • Calls can be made to cell phones
  • Direct Pay Talk Time
    • Available for purchase over the internet
    • Calls can be made to cell  phones and other numbers that can’t normally be billed for collect calls
    • Convenient and effective way to budget call costs
  • CPC Jail Mail Voice Mail
    • Available at participating correctional facilities
    • Convenient supplement to traditional voice conversations

Prepaid Cards and Direct Pay

CPC provides several options for friends and family to receive calls from inmates:

  • Prepaid cards available from vending machines
  • Prepaid cards available from correctional facility commissaries
  • Direct Pay Talk Time
    • Accounts can be set up via the website
    • No need for prepaid cards, you can simply accept calls to the amount deposited in your account
    • Cell phone calls permitted
    • International calls not permitted
    • Talk Time is also available through Customer Service of America
      • Contact them on 1-800-849-6081
      • Cell phone calls permitted
      • International calls not permitted
      • Calls permitted from 8am to midnight, 7 days a week, except December 25th.

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combined public communications
combined public communications

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