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Information on Making Cheap Inmate Telephone Calls with Jail Calls

Jail Calls is a company that was created to help inmates’ friends and family reduce the cost of collect calls made from correctional institutions. Aside from promising a great reduction in the cost of calls, Jail Calls claims that their service:

  • Provides a safe, legal way to encourage communication between inmates and their family and friends
  • Is in full accordance with prison security regulations, including limits on the duration of calls
  • Works exclusively with and for the friends and families of inmates
  • Does not rely on inmates for payment as only friends and families are the customers

All prepaid collect calls in participating correctional institutions are handled directly by Jail Calls and not by a third party. Friends and family can access their service only through a cell phone of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) line. Using call routing technology, the collect calls are then forwarded to cell phones of VoIP phones. All calls within the continental US are charged at $0.125 per minute, while calls to HI, AK or international locations can vary.

Jail Calls balances rolls over from month to month and are never charged inactivity fees. Users can check their account balance and make payments online via their website. Jail Calls accepts the following payment methods: credit card, debit card, money order and check.

JailCalls Contact Information

Website: http://www.jailcalls.com/

Website Contact Page: http://www.jailcalls.com/contact-us/

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