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Information on JCW Inmate Payphone Systems

Operational since 1991, JCW has been providing correctional facilities with excellent customer service, quick response to repairs 24 hours a day, and reliable, modern equipment.

JCW installs all equipment at no charge to the facility and never bills for its repair or installation services. Commission checks are sent monthly with one of the highest commission rates for calls available to the facility.

Features Offered by JCW

Investigative Alerts

Investigative and administrative staff can be notified at anytime in the event that an inmate tries to call a particular set of phone numbers. These numbers could include those of judges, administrative staff, the media, etc.)

Call Recording

All calls can be recorded and listened to at a later time. Recorded calls can be accessed by PIN or destination number through a secured web connection or archived on CD/DVD.

Live Call Monitoring

Investigators can listen in on any call in real time through the secured web interface, even from their desk, with the option of saving the recorded calls for future use.

Call Blocking

For the security and privacy of personnel, the correctional facility can provide a list of phone numbers to be blocked from inmate calls. The list can also include the phone numbers of judges, high-profile criminals, the media or any other agency the inmates should not be contacting.

PIN/PAN Administration

Every inmate is given a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to which several PANs (Pre-Authorized Numbers) are assigned. Easily managed via secured web interface, staff can ensure that inmates are only permitted to contact PANs assigned to their PIN.

Bank Card Calling

As many home and office numbers do not allow billing for collect calls, JCW allows called parties to provide a credit or debit card number to which the calls can be billed. This means that your facility can continue to generate revenue while inmates can easily place calls to their loved ones.

Reverse Look-up

The Reverse Look-up allows users to obtain information on the called party, including name and address, for live or previously recorded calls.

Call Detail

Through JCW’s online system, all completed or attempted calls can be monitored while full call reports including details such as the duration of the call are available to be printed or downloaded. These reports can aid in investigations and prosecution.

One Time Name Recording

One Time Name Recording permits the inmate to record his name only once, which will be stored and played every time the inmate’s PIN is used. Authorities can listen to the initial recording to ensure that it is, in fact, the inmate’s name. This eliminates the risk of inmates recording inappropriate messages during the recording window that can be passed on to recipients who do not accept the collect call.

Custom Voice Prompts

All voice prompts are customizable to suit the needs of the individual correctional facility and they are available in several languages.

Network Monitoring

While the network is monitored 24 hours a day by the operations center, automatic notifications will be sent in the event of network outages and status reports are updated in real time.

Call Diversion Alerts

Alerts are sent whenever a called party tries to divert a call or start a 3-way call from their system.

Phone Control

Each facility has full control over which phones may be used, when they may be used and which numbers can be called. In an emergency, all phones can be locked down.


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JCW Inmate Payphone Systems

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