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OffenderConnect is a money transfer service offered by DSI-ITI, allowing friends and family to transfer funds to inmates’ commissary accounts and phone accounts. It offers the following features:

  • Add and manage several phone numbers to your account to allow inmates to call others
  • Inmate access to prepaid phone accounts
  • Information can be updated without having to contact DSI-ITI or LCC
  • Access 24 hours a day
  • Send email to inmates offers convenient access to your account. You can view you recent transactions through their website and print out monthly account statements. Simply enter your phone number and you can fund your account and start to receive phone calls from the correctional facility.

There is no need to waste time mailing checks – you can save valuable time and remain close with your loved ones in jail by making secure online credit card payments. To see if a facility is serviced by OffenderConnect, refer to our website.

The website organizes serviced facilities by state. Simply select the state from the drop down menu to view all the facilities where OffenderConnect is available. If the facility you are looking for is not listed, you can Request a Service by contacting a facility representative.

You can link Inmate Banker accounts to your OffenderConnect account. Once you’ve logged in, select Account Settings in the Account Home menu and follow the instructions for the Inmate Banker Account section.

Linking ITI BillPay accounts with an OffenderConnect account

  • When you sign up for an OffenderConnect account, select the checkbox in the Phone Account section. This will open up fields for you to enter information for your phone and ITI BillPay account.
  • Any other ITI BillPay accounts can be linked once the OffenderConnect account is set up. Simply log in, select Phone Setup from the Phone menu and select Merge Account. Enter your account details and select Next to verify the information. A confirmation message will be sent when the accounts are successfully linked. This process can be repeated for any additional accounts.
  • Once your ITI BillPay account is linked to your OffenderConnect account, all your account information is transferred: credit card information, monthly statements and recipient lists will all be updated to your OffenderConnect account.
  • In order to receive calls on your ITI BillPay account phone number or access your statement history, you should merge all ITI BillPay or Inmate Banker accounts to your OffenderConnect account.

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offender connect
offender connect

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