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Information on Securus Technologies Inmate Services

Securus Technologies offers several different communications solutions to help keep inmates in touch with their friends and family. The availability of these programs depends on the individual correctional facility and their relevant details are outlined below.

Anywhere Acceptance

This program allows users to list several numbers on which they can receive calls so that they are contactable wherever they may be. Once they have registered their phone numbers, they simply need to enter a user identification number to accept a call.

First Call Connect

First Call Connect allows inmates to first contact their friends or family with a free, brief conversation. After a few minutes, the system prompts the called party to open a prepaid account for future conversations.

Prepaid Calling Cards

Securus offers various prepaid calling cards in a number of different denominations, allowing inmates make calls directly from the correctional facility.

AdvanceConnect Prepaid Account

The AdvanceConnect Prepaid Account has the following features:

  • Multiple phone numbers so that inmates’ friends and family can be contacted anywhere at anytime
  • Phone number lists can include cell phone numbers, home phones and even internet phone services
  • Through Securus’ automated phone system and website, users have 24-hour access to their account information

Direct Bill Account

The Direct Bill Account service, provided by Evercom or T-Netix, activates and maintains the account. A separate bill is sent out each month for all the related charges and a reminder sent when call limits are reached.

Debit Accounts

With the help of a debit account, inmates can pay for their outgoing calls with the money in their trust fund, helping them maintain financial independence.

Voicemail System

Voicemail allows inmates to contact individuals even when they are not available.

Secure Instant Mail

This system allows users to send emails to inmates, even several times a day, at participating correctional facilities.

Automated Information Service

Any correctional facility can install the automated information service. Users’ questions can be dealt with immediately, instead of being placed on hold, thanks to the voice recognition technology.

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Contact Information


Web Contact Page:

Phone Number: 1-800-844-6591 – Disability TTY Access: 1-877-710-1118


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