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Value-Added Communications, Inc. (VAC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Tel*Link Corporation (GTL).

Information on Value Added Communications (VAC)

FOCUS 100 is a completely automated inmate calling system designed by Value Added Communications for implementation in larger jails and state correctional institutions. Some of the main features include:

  • Comprehensive, automated voice prompts for the inmate and called party in order to guide them through the calling process without needing the intervention of a live operator
  • Voice prompts available in both English and Spanish to accommodate facilities’ varied population
  • Prerecorded inmate name linked to the inmate’s PIN number announced at the beginning of all calls, eliminating the risk of message-passing during recording
  • Called parties are automatically informed of:
    • Inmate’s name
    • Type of call
    • Call cost
    • Correctional facility
    • Option to deny current/future calls
    • Notification of call recording or monitoring

The FOCUS 100 call control software allows the correctional institutions:

  • Access to reports, recordings and different search capabilities
  • Improvement in security with our class of service and special list controls
  • Comprehensive inmate user experience with automated control functions
  • Incentives for good behavior and penalties for bad behavior with inmate ID controls
  • Increased revenues by permitting previously blocked called to numbers that can’t be billed
  • SHADOW Digital full-channel call recording, which features:
    • Secure, password-protected access
    • Search and location of previously recorded inmate calls, either by number called or by inmate
    • Flexible, online recording storage duration
    • Playback of recorded calls with flagging function to mark important parts of the conversation
    • Notes feature which allows users to add pertinent investigation information to the recorded call file
    • Ability to export to CD with an encryption option
    • Attorney Privilege function to prevent recording protected calls

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